The All Aqua Pools Team

Chad Erickson, Owner of All Aqua PoolsChad Erickson

President & Founder, All Aqua Pools, Inc.

Chad has been building pools with his father Nils Erickson since 1999. He has personal experience with pool design and layout as well as all phases of construction, from excavation and plumbing to steel and concrete, to finishing touches like tile, mosaics, pool decks, and pool training.

In 2006, Chad leveraged his years of pool building experience and became a state-licensed pool contractor (CPC 1457904). In 2008, he founded All Aqua Pools, Inc., and asked his father to join him as his pool design consultant.

Chad personally supervises the construction of every one of our All Aqua Pools. He provides documentation to our clients explaining each phases of the process, and after each phase he provides inspection documents to the owners. After the pool project is completed, Chad personally provides pool operation manuals and teaches our clients how to use their new pools.

Chad is a Florida native who grew up in the New Smyrna Beach area. He enjoys surfing and has travelled all over the world surfing with his family and friends.

Nils Erickson - All Aqua PoolsNils Erickson

Nils Erickson Sr. started his career in the pool industry in 1977. Working as a pool subcontractor performing pool layout, excavation, rebar install, tile, plumbing and decking, all phases of pool construction. In 1987, Mr Erickson obtained his Florida Swimming pool contractors license and founded Erickson Pools and Spas in Winter Park, Florida. Over the next twenty years, Erickson Pools expanded its business to five locations and built over 5,000 swimming pools, eventually becoming one of the top 50 pool builders in the country as listed by Pool and Spa News.

Mr Erickson is now working with his son Chad Erickson as Design Engineering Consultant for Chad’s company All Aqua Pools Inc. A position he considers the most rewarding of his career, as Chad shares his father’s passion and reputation for building top quality swimming pools.